Monday, January 31, 2011

Cookies from Caroline! *

My friend Caroline from Sabah insisted on bringing me a jar of home-made butter cookies on her visit to KL this time around. Isn't that sweet of her? While waiting for Caroline and Eric to meet us at Empire Gallery, Subang yesterday; B and I had a quick bite to eat. I had promised my sister Mel to take her shopping but first, we filled up our tummy-tums at Teh Tarik Place. Smiley

Mel eager to shop

This was our first time dining at Teh Tarik Place and there was no telling if the food was delicious or otherwise. It has also been ages since I last enjoyed Fried Kuey Teow so I opted for a plate of this delicious local favourite. I always order my food "extra spicy" by the way, which I feel makes for a tastier dining experience. Smiley

Extra Spicy Fried Kuey Teow

Mel decided on the Fried Chicken Rice and she enjoyed it very much but I think B made the best choice with Roti Sardine, which was delicious! I daresay it's one of the best I've tasted so two thumbs up for an excellent choice! Smiley

Yummy Roti Sardine

Fried Chicken Rice

We had just finished eating when Caroline burst into the restaurant with adorable Eric in tow. I think our laugh was simultaneous as we immediately recognized each other and embraced in what is no longer virtual but a real life hug! Smiley

I had told B earlier to snap pictures of me greeting Caroline but in the excitement of this first-time meet, my hubby got a little distracted. He did make up for it later with some candid shots of us gals! ihikhik

Mariuca and Caroline

Caroline had brought me a jar of home-made cookies, all the way from Sabah. I've never been to Sabah so it was really cool to have a Sabahan blog buddy visit me here in Selangor. Check out this picture of me taking out a little something from my bag for Caroline and she going "Awwwww, you shouldn't have". I could very well say the same thing about her taking the time and effort to meet me and drop off some cookies right? peluk

Pressie time!

And now for a hug!

Thanks for the cookies Caroline!

Eric was a joy to meet as well. He was the perfect gentleman and oh so polite not to mention lovey-dovey to the max with Caroline! Smiley

Me with the Lovebirds!

Thanks so much for dropping by you guys! Oh and the cookies are delicious, I can't stop munching! Smiley


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