Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mexican Delights @ Las Carretas **

My BFF Monica is on the lookout for a nice Mexican restaurant. I am reminded of my favourite place called Las Carretas (The Wagon in Spanish), a cosy Mexican restaurant located in Taipan, USJ. I've already dined here several times and every visit left me full and satisfied after stuffing myself silly with Mexican delights! Smiley

A few years ago, B threw a birthday bash for me at this restaurant. Perhaps that's another reason I find it endearing; it reminds me of the wonderful birthday I enjoyed that particular year. The staff ensured our guests we were well-attended to, the food arrived promptly and besides the birthday slice they presented to yours truly, the staff sang a lovely birthday song for me... after making sure I put on my sombrero! celebrate

Tres Amigos!

Las Carretas is a great family restaurant but it is also a lot of fun for the singles. Serving authentic Mexican cuisine, you will be greeted by a friendly hostess at the door who would then usher you to a table or lead you to the first floor above for a little privacy. The last time I had dinner here, it was with B and my sister Mel.

B and Mel

As always, an extensive menu filled with delicious food leaves me fickle and more than a little confused. I was craving for Enchiladas but a crispy Chimichanga sounded just as yummy! Smiley

What to eat, what to eat...

I decided to play it safe and ordered my favourite tacos, which were not disappointing at all! I just love tacos especially those filled with beef instead of chicken. The ones I had here were totally yummy so it was a great for my Mexican food crave that night. tepuktangan

Waiting for my tacos!

Nachos to start

Tasty Tacos, gimme more!

The ambience within deserves a mention too and I definitely feel like I'm in Mexico when dining here. A great place to divert my attention from the typical feel of local restaurants I am accustomed to, Las Carretas is designed with bright welcoming colours and decor, which is bound to please and fascinate. senyumkenyit

When in Las Carretas, you are in for a truly fun enjoyable time. The music is upbeat, customer service is great and attentive and most importantly, the food is simply scrumptious and authentically Mexican! After writing my post and looking at my pictures here, I am definitely looking forward to my next visit! Smiley

Fillet De Pescado for B

Pollo Locco for Mel

Food: starstarstarstar
Price: starstarstarstar


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