Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Japanese Buffet @ Shogun *

After our scrumptious Japanese buffet last night, I am still so stuffed and right now I can't even think about food or eating for that matter! Smiley

B has been wanting to take me to Shogun, a popular dining spot for him and his colleagues located in One Utama shopping centre. We both love Japanese food so yesterday, we headed there for a nice buffet dinner; taking our time to truly enjoy the delicious wide-varied spread served in this restaurant.

The place was not overly packed, which was great so I went around the restaurant taking photos and inspecting all the different kinds of Japanese dishes I would be devouring. I was delighted with the variety offered and was already planning to taste as many things as possible! Smiley

Shall we start our Japanese buffet now?

Barcelona Unagi Ball

Takuya Kimura Shisamo

Mussel Garlic Yaki

Yaki Tori Chicken Satay

Spicy Bamboo Clam

Fresh Prawns

Jellyfish Salad



Fresh Oysters


Japanese Salad

I was feeling a little adventurous so I decided to taste baked Japanese snail for the first time. It was okay but I think just one is enough for me!

Baked Japanese Snail

Tempura and Teriyaki

Garlic Fried Rice

The baked cheese sea clam was simply delicious and I went back for seconds!

Baked Cheese Sea Clam

Maki Balls


There were many more dishes but of course we couldn't sample them all. By the time we left the restaurant, we were mighty full from all the sampling and eating. Currently there's a 30% discount promo so our Japanese buffet dinner came up to RM103! Smiley

Food: starstarstarstar
Price: starstarstarstar


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