Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dinner @ Shell Out *

One night, B and I decided to dine at the newly-opened Shell Out seafood restaurant near our home. Actually, the restaurant was my suggestion since I read about their food on a random blog and I was kind of enticed. I was especially keen to taste the Sweet Potato fries and since B and I both love seafood, we figured why not give this new seafood place a try. Smiley

 photo 1Resto_zps52b134ce.jpg
Shell Out KD

Parking is never easy in this particular area but we managed to find one spot after making two rounds. The place looked warm and inviting from the outside and we were greeted by a smiley server who explained to us what the restaurant was all about. I do like restaurants with servers who are able to answer questions I may have about the menu and our server seemed to be well-informed about their product. That was a good sign so I asked if they had a booth available and they did so we went inside.

 photo 2Resto_zps9619e12b.jpg
 photo 3Resto_zpse7ea4606.jpg
 photo 4Resto_zps131a2476.jpg

Another server immediately came to our table to place brown paper, covering the entire table. The concept here is to eat your order of seafood on the brown paper. So I guess you can get down and dirty as much as you want without having to worry about keeping the table clean. Our server did a great job in explaining the menu to us and though we would have liked to taste the chef-recommended crawfish, we finally decided on prawns, calamari and the sweet potato fries.

 photo 5Menu_zps1b51d856.jpg

Shell Out serves 4 different types of sauces with spicy levels of Mild, Medium and OMG. I had my mind set on Shell Bang OMG but B who is not much of a spicy eater, wanted something milder. I asked the server just how spicy is this OMG sauce and based on customer feedback, OMG ranges from somewhat spicy to not spicy at all. Smiley

 photo 7Sauce_zpse6941a7a.jpg
What's your pick?
 photo 6Menu_zps615bc467.jpg
To keep both B and I happy, our server suggested we opt for 500g of prawns and the kitchen will prepare half the portion in Shell Bang Mild sauce and the other half in Shell Bang OMG, which I thought was an excellent idea! Smiley

 photo 8Boy_zps3eee4ed4.jpg
Where's my dinner?

Our order of Sweet Potato fries arrived first and they were exactly how I imagined; crispy on the outside, not too thickly sliced and fried to a golden brown perfection. Smiley

 photo 10Food_zps3e4ecd6f.jpg
Fried Sweet Potato

Next, came the Fried Calamari, which also arrived perfectly fried and after tasting one, we both agreed that it was tasty albeit a tad salty.
 photo 11Food_zpse28d9f1e.jpg
Fried Calamari

Finally, our main order of prawns arrived, wrapped in a plastic bag. You’re supposed to rip open the bag and dig into your prawns so we did. Of course B started ahead of me since I was busy snapping photographs on my  iPhone. ihikhik

I looked at B’s prawns and they looked pretty much the same (colour wise) like mine aside from the minimal bird’s eye chilli bits in my OMG sauce. Slightly daunted, I took a taste of the OMG sauce and my suspicions were confirmed - OMG was definitely not OMG spicy. The sauce may look fiery hot red but unlike the Pedas Giler sauce I was hooked on a while back, which was ultra spicy, this OMG sauce was more salty than anything else. ketukmeje

 photo 12Food_zps9df4f2e0.jpg
Prawns, Shell Bang OMG

I asked for a small bowl of rice to eat with my prawns. Otherwise, it would have been way too salty for my liking. merajuk

 photo 13Food_zpsae682e70.jpg

What’s cool about this restaurant is that you can scribble anything you want on their furniture or windows so halfway through dinner, we joined in the fun!

 photo 14Markers_zpsced8bdf9.jpg
 photo 15Scribbles_zps7cf68629.jpg
Naturally, I had to leave MMM’s URL here; this is a food blog after all and once I had MMM scribbled, there was no way I could leave out the rest so thanks Love for helping me scribble! senyumkenyit

 photo 20MMM_zpsdae0900a.jpg
Mariuca's Food Blog
 photo 16M_zps0f74171f.jpg
Scribbling away
 photo 17M_zpse85f987c.jpg
Mariuca ♥ B
 photo 18Mariuca_zps4caae56c.jpg
Wishing on a Falling Star
 photo 19B_zpsf7ca3b33.jpg
Love so True
 photo 21MD_zpsd3e17409.jpg
Meow Diaries
 photo 22MPG_zpsd85019b6.jpg
Mariuca's Perfume Gallery

The bill arrived and we were informed that we could get one of our coconut juices FOC if we both Liked Shell Out’s page on Facebook, which we happily did for instant redemption.

 photo 9Coconut_zps8fac73b8.jpg
Fresh and Free!
 photo 23Bil_zps3fa49b7f.jpg
Overall, dining at Shell Out was pleasant with great friendly service and pretty tasty food and if we do return, I’d definitely order the Sweet Potato fries again! Smiley 

Food: starstarstar
Price: starstarstar


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