Friday, July 22, 2011

Seafood Galore @ Tepian Tebrau, JB *

Our visit to JB would not be complete if we didn't visit the Tepian Tebrau Hawker Centre, selling mainly seafood plus home-cooked dishes. B and I actually came here twice on two different nights so it was a seafood galore in JB last weekend! Smiley

Located along Johor Straits, this stretch of food stalls is nearby Lido Beach, now popular as Danga Bay.

Lido Beach

Street musicians will perform while you eat and though they don't actually scream superstars, it is still nice to listen to familiar English tunes while dining. The second night we came here, the street musicians performed right behind my table. I snapped some pictures of them but the moment they saw my iphone4, they immediately turned shy and tried shielding their faces! I thought that was cute but how to enter GIG 2011 if shy like this? Ha ha! Smiley

Singing an Oasis song it seems!

Anyway, who doesn't like seafood right? And though seafood is not actually encouraged for those with sinusitis problems (seafood triggers off a sinus-sneeze attack for me), this place is a must-visit so off we went! Prices are great by the way and here are the dishes we enjoyed on our first night here. Smiley

Gerai Tepian Tebrau Day 1

Steamed Fish


Yum Yum!

Buttered Prawns

Sambal Lala (Clams)

Our last night in JB saw us heading to the same Gerai Tepian Tebrau but we picked another stall, which is supposedly renowned for their lobsters! Unfortunately, they were out of lobsters that night so I settled for fish.

Gerai Tepian Tebrau Day 3

Grilled Fish

Sotong Kangkung

Steamed Cockles

For dessert, B ordered Ice Jelly, which is an interesting specialty in JB. There are of course several versions of this dessert but basically, it's something like the more familiar ABC except that this one is topped off with fruits like pineapple, custard apple (buah Nona) sea coconut and lime. Smiley

Ice Jelly

If you're ever in JB, don't forget to drop by this popular eating spot. It is almost always packed with locals and tourists alike, so grab your seats early! Smiley

Food: starstarstarstar
Price: starstarstarstar


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