Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sweet & Crunchy Chicken Salad *

I’ve been having a bad case of yummy chicken salad craving, which got stronger and stronger until I could not take it anymore. So this weekend, we did a massive grocery shopping spree and I brought home all the ingredients needed to make some delicious Sweet & Crunchy Chicken Salad. Smiley

 photo Pepper_zps78a96ab6.jpg
Yellow Bell Pepper & Onion
 photo Onion_zps1359c627.jpg
Green Onion

B was curious to see how my salad would turn out especially since it was my first attempt and I decided to modify the basic recipe I found online with my own substitutes.

 photo Cashew_zps28775aae.jpg
 photo Walnut_zps36c016e4.jpg
I did not have any leftover chicken to use so we bought a whole roast chicken, juicy and ready to be shredded/diced.

 photo Chick_zps493d7078.jpg
Roast Chicken
 photo Chick2_zps4d9e7e7c.jpg

I took my time to prepare my salad, making sure everything was nicely chopped, shredded and diced to perfection. I could already imagine the taste of my yummy chicken salad but I still had to taste the finished dish to ensure that what I was tasting inside my head translated to what I was making for real! ihikhik

 photo Mayo_zps1483e71f.jpg
A little Blackcurrant
 photo Vege_zps6ced9359.jpg
Add in vege
 photo Nuts_zpsb24b82bd.jpg
Crushed nuts
After carefully going through the steps, I was done and gingerly had my first taste. I gotta say my first attempt at this Sweet & Crunchy Chicken Salad was a success and YUM! Even B was impressed with his first bite, exclaiming in delight at the different flavours and textures of the chicken salad, which made me one happy chef wannabe! For that, I shall continue watching my favourite cooking shows on TV to get more cooking inspiration! Smiley

 photo Chick3_zpse04ec63e.jpg
Evenly mixed Chicken Salad
I then let my chicken salad stand inside the refrigerator for a few hours (minimum 1 hour) before making Sweet & Crunchy Chicken Salad on croissant for supper. It was delicious according to B and now, he no longer has to visit Subway when he gets a sandwich craving! Oh and he gave me a 4.9 / 5. I’m never gonna get that perfect 5 am I?! ketukmeje

 photo Croissant_zpsaa26e041.jpg
Sweet & Crunchy Supper

Here is the basic recipe. I omitted a few items for my own alternatives so you can do the same too. Happy cooking! Smiley
 photo Recipe_zpsecb47967.jpg


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