Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome Home! *

So my younger sis is back from UK! She got home a few weeks ago and I’ve only been to see her, Issy and my BIL once since they arrived.

Me and my sisters

Intan and Mariuca

Isabella celebrated her 4th birthday on the 14th of September and it was only yesterday that I finally got around to buying my niece her gift. Apparently she’s into dinosaurs right now. Dinos first, then comes Barbie so B and I got her both! I’ll be seeing Issy this weekend so it’s time for me to play Santa and give out pressies to her and of course to my twin nephews as well. Can’t leave out the boys now can I? ihikhik

B and Ritz

Anyway, here are some pictures taken two weeks back when we celebrated Issy’s birthday. We were also expecting relatives from Singapore who arrived much later in the evening. By then, I was too exhausted from entertaining the kids and helping with the food so no photos of our guests from Singapore here! penat

Kids Table

Party Guest

Ritz and Issy

Happy Birthday Issy!

Issy's Birthday Cake

My mom had cooked up a storm for this occasion and the spread that Friday afternoon was totally delicious. Either I was plain hungry or I was just being greedy for I tried almost everything served. And those I didn’t get around to tasting, I packed in Tupperware to bring home for later! Smiley

Pulut Kuning


Steamed Fruit Cake, my mom's specialty

Marble Cake


Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken in Spicy Tomato Sauce), Beef Rendang

I hope you like my photos. The ones with the kids are mostly blurry because they couldn’t keep still so I did the best I could. Welcome home Issy and family and to the rest of you, happy weekend! Smiley

My niece and nephews

Wakey wakey Issy!

All in the Family, minus bro Omi


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