Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sinfully Scrumptious Saturday! *

I enjoyed a sinfully scrumptious Saturday celebrating my twin nephews' 2nd birthday bash at Royale Bintang, D'sara! Smiley

The theme was Safari Trails @ Madagascar and I will post more pictures and stories at my main blog.

Kids Dine Here

Dishing up the food pictures first as preview, hope you like them. Smiley

Birthday Cake

The food was really yummy by the way, two thumbs up to sis for a scrumptious birthday buffet and a well-planned party! And of course a very Happy Birthday to Ross & Ritz; and Aunty Marzie is still full from all the eating yesterday! Smiley

Ann, Ritz & Ross, Mariuca


Custard Roll


Chicken Lasagna

Penguin Cup Cake

Potato Wedges

Fried Rice

Cup Cakes

Cold Cuts

Fried Mee

Ice Water & Rose Syrup

Pastry Puff

Caramel Custard & Fruits


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