Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dining with Dinos! *

Words could not express my disappointment when served with a plate of so-called Ayam Penyet in Discovery Food Court, Universal Studios Singapore! We were in Jurassic Park then and it was time for a late lunch. Smiley

Jurassic Park, USS

I was angry, extremely indignant and sad that this dish could even be categorized as Ayam Penyet! Yes, the chicken was huge and nicely fried and the fried tofu was pleasant but where were the crispy bits and what was up with serving Ayam Penyet with chicken rice instead of plain white rice? Plus, check out the amount of sambal (chilli) included! Tell me, how can you possibly finish an entire plate of rice with Ayam Penyet if the sambal is this scarce? I was shocked! Smiley

Ayam Penyet? Sure or noooooot?

This is what I mean by crispy bits by the way, which is the main thing (aside from the must-have sambal) that actually makes any Ayam/Prawn Penyet dish unique and yummy. Sorely missing from the version I had in Discovery Food Court.

Crispy Delight

The worst part was that if you order a-la-carte, there will be NO SAMBAL and acar (pickled vege) on the side! What the .... I didn't care about the acar but did you really expect me to eat Ayam Penyet dry without sambal? My hands were tied so I had no choice but to pay extra for the set only to get this miserable 'kuchi-rat' amount of sambal? Again, I was shocked! Smiley

Teeny-weeny sambal serving

Anyway, I forced myself to eat a few spoonfuls simply because I didn't want to waste the money spent on this dish. B had chicken rice and according to him, it was really very plain and bland. Even B's chilli for his chicken rice was more generous than mine! merajuk

Chicken Rice

The only thing we actually liked about the food court was the ambience. Inside is very cosy with a huge T-Rex display right in the middle of the food court. And I mean an enormous one, which calls for a gawk no matter how exhausted you are upon entering!

T-Rex wah so huge!

Dinos on the wall



B's new pet!

Dinosaurs everywhere

A miserable SGD24.50 for this make-me-angry-only lunch. Oh well! siul

Food: star
Price: starstar


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