Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ramadan Bazaar @ TTDI *

Never ever go to a Ramadan Bazaar on a wet rainy afternoon! Otherwise, you’ll end up like me - drenched and laden with yummy delights you probably can’t finish in just one night! Smiley

Food overload!

It is raining and you’re hungry. Seeing all the delicious display of wondrous spread in front of your eyes gives more than just a bounce in your step. You want to buy whatever looks yummy at first sight and you want to buy them all whilst shielding yourself from the pitter-patter of the falling rain! End result? You buy more than you really need or want just so you can get out of the rain ASAP! Smiley

On the way to TTDI

B and I decided to check out the Ramadan Bazaar in TTDI last weekend. We’ve been to the ones in SS18 and USJ 4, Subang Jaya but not the one in TTDI. I was actually looking for just putu bambu but of course that was not the case and we came home with loads of other scrumptious food for our breaking of fast! ihikhik

Braving the rain to get to the food!

Green Putu Bambu Stall

We got home and I set the table for dinner. The first thing I was dying to taste was my mom’s yummy acar kurma (pickled dates), which she sells and is also one her specialties. Did I tell you that my mom makes the best food during Ramadan so there’s no dieting this whole month? Smiley

Scrumptious Spread!

Anyway, this is the acar and let me assure you that it was totally delicious! I gotta say her acar this time around was divine, even yummier than I’ve ever tasted it before! tepuktangan

Yummy Acar

We certainly enjoyed our delicious spread last weekend but next time, we really have to practise a little more control when visiting a Ramadan Bazaar! There was plenty of leftover, which we didn't eat in the end. takbole

Lin Chee Kang

Cucur Udang / Prawn Fritters

Chilli Fish

Pucuk Paku (Fern Leaftop) Lemak

Chilli Paru (Beef Lungs)

Ayam (Chicken) Percik

Tomato Rice

Chilli Chicken

Green Putu Bambu

Otak-Otak and Satar

Sweet Corn

Tapai - my fave!

Kuih Cara & Crème Caramel


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