Sunday, August 7, 2011

Delightful Dining @ Little Taiwan *

My first time dining @ Little Taiwan was pure pleasure. Firstly, the entire establishment is decked in shades of lime green and white; wonderful eye-pleasing combination, don't you think? ihikhik

Cosy dining outside

Equally inviting inside

Secondly, the menu is extensive, which I love and every item we ordered was yummy. Take that as simply smart ordering on our part or plain good cooking on Little Taiwan's end! Smiley

Currently, there are two special promos, which we ordered and received two thumbs up from both B and yours truly. I especially enjoyed the Special Stewed Rice. The portion was perfect, not too much and not too little; leaving ample room to taste and indulge in other side dishes.

If you prefer something else, pore over the wide range of dishes available here.

And last but not least, service was prompt (perhaps there was no dinner crowd the time we were there) and our total bill came up to less than RM40! Put the pieces together and you have the perfect recipe for yummy relaxed dining in a cosy pretty ambience. Smiley

Let's take a look at what we ordered that night. I was feeling a little greedy so everything on the menu sounded and looked tempting! malu

The Taiwanese Special Toast was a must-try simply because it looked so interesting and delicious on the menu so I was immediately enticed. It turned out to be a wonderful choice. The crispness of the hollowed out toast filled with fairly thick seafood, mushroom and vegetable broth blended really well and it almost felt like devouring a warm hearty seafood pie! Smiley

We'll definitely be returning to Little Taiwan soon, especially when we're in the mood for tasty affordable dining! You should pay a visit too! Smiley

Food: starstarstarstar
Price: starstarstarstar

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