Friday, July 15, 2011

Japanese Dinner @ Sen Tsuru *

The last time we went to our neighbourhood Japanese restaurant, it was under a totally different name and that was years back. Seeing that Sen Tsuru is really near to home, we decided to have dinner here last week. Japanese food is always a pleasure and I was definitely in the mood for some yummy Chuka Lidako! Smiley

Sen Tsuru

Inside really felt like an authentic Japanese restaurant somewhere in the heart of Tokyo. I was happy with the ambience and spent the first five minutes snapping photographs using my Sony Cyber-shot before settling down to browse through the extensive menu. I love restaurants with extensive menus but the downside is that it's hard to choose what I want. ihikhik

Front Interior

We've tried dining in one of the private rooms before, which offers patrons the traditional way of dining in a Japanese setting complete with slippers to slip into as you sit on the cushion provided. Cosy right? Anyway, the rooms were apparently reserved although I did not see any patrons using them while we were there! Smiley

Private Dining

Japanese Art

Sen Tsuru

For starters, we ordered our favourite baby octopus! Thinly-sliced cool cucumber laced between the sweet, succulent marinated baby octopus equals to heaven in your mouth! Smiley

Lidako Kyuli

After much thinking and changing of mind, I settled on the Unagi Gozen set, which is eel served in 3 different ways, WOW! I was enticed by the menu description so eel it was! The set came with fruit for dessert, miso soup, baby octopus and sticky soft Japanese rice. Smiley


B is no Unagi fan and he tried this first eel dish with much hesitation. In the end, he surprised himself by liking it more than me! I enjoyed this one too but my favourite is the one that's coming up next! Smiley

Out of the three eel dishes served, this one takes the cake! The eel was perfectly grilled, juicy and tender; spiced and slightly sweetened to utter perfection! Smiley

Last but not least was the grilled eel sushi with seaweed string. It was yummy but it was my least favourite among the three. ihikhik

Miso Soup

I was curious to try the Japanese Pepper, which turned out to be a big mistake; it was not good at all! The Chilli Pepper was delightful though ... as usual! ihikhik

For a little Spice

I like that the Sen Tsuru placed priority on customer's comfort, as seen from the extensively-decorated room, made to produce a cosy Japanese setting and feel. It worked beautifully and can you spot the Japanese doll in this picture below?

More private rooms

B ordered the Hotate Karayaki & Tori Teriyaki or Simmered Scallop & Chicken Teriyaki set. We both agreed that my set was undoubtedly tastier!

B enjoying his dinner

Chicken Teriyaki

Simmered Scallop served in a shell-shaped bowl

Chawan Mushi, savoury Japanese custard, Yum!

Japanese tea

The bill came up to almost RM100. It's a little pricey to dine here so it won't be a weekly affair for us but when we do visit Sen Tsuru again, I'm definitely gonna order the Unagi Gozen set. Truly yummy, two thumbs up! tepuktangan

Food: starstarstarstar
Price: starstar


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