Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogging from JB & Breakfast in Bed! *

Smiley First time ever blogging outside my comfort zone of PJ (hey Monica!). So far the hotel's service has been quite good and this is actually my first time staying in Puteri Pacific Hotel, JB.

I have not been to JB for more than 10 years and I used to live here actually. My mom hails from JB and I went to school here for two years during my high school days. It sure brings back a lot of fond memories just by being here in this friendly, food haven known as Johor Bahru. rindu

Anyway, I decided to order room service this morning! I was torn between the Fluffy Omelette or one of the Breakfast sets. Since Fluffy Omelette does not come with coffee, I decided to go for the latter!

Fluffy Omelette

Or American?

This is what I had for breakfast today, in true morning breakfast hour instead of my usual 'brunch' at night! ihikhik


Scrambled Eggs with Streaky Beef Bacon, Hash Brown Potatoes and Grilled Tomato

Orange Juice


So I had breakfast in bed today and I truly enjoyed every bite. Food always seems tastier when eaten in a comfy hotel room! Anyway, of course I could not finish the entire tray; serving is huge so there's still plenty left for later! Smiley


I'm going to luxuriate in a scent-sational bubble bath after this. Then go down to Persada to catch B and gang at the Upin Ipin Carnival, JB (16-17 July, 2011). See ya! Smiley


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