Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dad's Birthday @ d'Tandoor *

At long last, I got to satisfy my craving for delicious authentic Indian food @ d'tandoor! I have been looking forward to dining here for the longest time. B doesn't favour Indian food and I too hardly eat Indian food unless I'm in the mood for it. Having said that, I do LOVE Authentic Indian dishes and d'Tandoor serves really good Indian cuisine. tepuktangan

d'Tandoor, Subang Jaya

The occasion? My Dad's birthday, which fell on a Monday (May 23rd) this year so we had dinner earlier on Sunday night. Of course I would like to take this post to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad. May you be blessed with only happiness, health and wealth this year and for many more years to come! Smiley

Mom & Dad

We got my Dad a yummy birthday cake from Secret Recipe. Pecan Butterscotch cream cake, which I have to say, is by far the least sweet cake I've tried from SR! It is rich and creamy and oh so delicious but surprisingly it is not as sweet as my other favourites like Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake or the Choc Banana or the Chocolate Indulgence. Truly a wonderful choice for those looking for dessert that is not overly sweet but just as delish! Smiley

Pecan Butterscotch

Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake

The menu was extensive and we took our time deciding what to eat at d'Tandoor that night. fikir

also serves local cuisine but of course we didn't order anything from that section. We were there for the best authentic Indian food and I already knew what I wanted ... Seafood Biryani!

Starters were Pappadam with Mint Sauce and they were absolutely divine! I could not get enough of these crispy crackers and the tasty dip! Smiley

In the end, we had Seafood Biryani, Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani. I'm like my Dad; we don't eat mutton but gave it a taste that night. I still prefer my choice of Seafood Biryani however, which was perfectly cooked to a tasty level of fluffiness with just the right amount of spices. Even B who's not a fan of Indian food admitted that it was the best Biryani he'd ever tasted! Smiley

Waiting for mah food!

We were seated facing the window of the cooking area; purposely designed to allow customers to view the chefs at work. One chef in particular was friendly and happily posed for pictures without me having to ask! ihikhik

From experience, we didn't want to overdo this dinner by ordering excessively so I took charge and ordered the dishes to go along with our Biryani rice.

Me and Mel

For dessert, we had Gulab Jamun, which apparently was too sweet for everyone at the table. That means most of dessert went home with me! ihikhik

All in all, I definitely enjoyed having my Dad's birthday dinner here at d'Tandoor and I can't wait to dine here again. Gotta wait for B to be in the mood for Indian food again I guess! rindu

Food: starstarstarstarstar
Price: starstarstar


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