Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something Soupy *

I am sick today oh no!!! I hate being sick and though I don't fall sick often, it really sucks when I do. Right now I'm practically shivering from the cold and I'm feeling hot all over at the same time. I am also suffering from a runny nose and my knees feel weak so I am mostly confined to my bed or the sofa in the living-room, resting and watching TV. The worst part is that I am hungry but my throat hurts so nothing seems appetizing to me. Eating is also not enjoyable when I can neither taste nor smell my food! Smiley

When I am under the weather, I usually go for something soupy. Porridge is also a good recommendation but I'd much rather have something soupy. And right now, the only dish that seems appetizing to me is Chicken Hor Fun. I like the one from Old Town Kopi Tiam. The soup is really tasty and I usually ask for cili padi and kicap (bird's eye chilli in soya sauce) on the side for that additional spicy kick! Smiley

Chicken Hor Fun

Small but Spicy!

So what sort of food do you like to eat when you're sick?


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