Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 and Blog Number 4! **

1.1.11 will always remain a date of significance for me. It is the first day of a brand new 2011 and it is also the day I launch Blog Number 4! Welcome to Makan-Makan @ Mariuca!

Unbelievable right? Who'd have thought I'd end up having 4 blogs to my name now when all I initially wanted was a main personal blog and a perfume blog! Makan means Eat by the way. Smiley

You see, I got to thinking about just how much I love to eat. My hubby B and I are always on the lookout for new food places and adventures everywhere we go and I love taking pictures of food. So why not start a food blog? gelakguling

My love-hate relationship with food is hard to define. I love food and I love eating and discovering new food items and dishes. But I also hate the way food makes me put on weight easily! adus

This blog will basically be an outlet for me to feature all the delicious food and delicacies I've enjoyed with my darling B. I will rant and rave if the customer service sucks but I will definitely give you 5 stars if your food and restaurant impresses me. I will whine about my need to lose weight and I will gloat about the little victories encountered when I do lose a little weight! ihikhik

I'm happy that my very first post in 2011 happens to be at my yummy new food blog and I would also like to say a very special thank you to the two beautiful ladies who helped me launch Makan-Makan @ Mariuca. Thanks to Emila for designing my blog banner and thanks to LadyJava for perfecting my look with her magic makeover touch! Smiley

I hope you will have a great time feasting on more delicious posts and yummy talk here with me and let me officially launch my new blog by wishing you a very Happy 2011!


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